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If you have an older model GM transmission and are using the programmable speedo set, don't forget your pulse generator. See the additional information below to see if this is needed for your application.

+ Allows modern GM engines to be mated to non-electronically controlled GM automatic transmissions.
+ Converts mechanical speed signal into a digital square wave signal, at 128K pulses per mile, for you modern GM "engine computer"/speedometer
+ 8000 pulses per mile

Transmission types and required Pulse Generator:
Tremec 5 Speed
All these require Ford Pulse except some C-6 (Have screw on cables) therefore GM Pulse would apply
Turbo 350
Turbo 400 (All require GM Pulse)
Power Glide
700R4 Early Model (Require GM Pulse)
700 R4 Late Model (Already built in)
4L60E (Already built in)
4L80E (Already built in)
GM: They will use their existing Speedo Cable as well to screw onto this
Mopar Transmission - NAPA'S Part #'s
904 & 727 - Long Cable 615-1666
Short Cable 615-1665

GM Pulse Generator

SKU: 00000074
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